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Plug n Play Cables are made for the Alinco DR-135T 144 MHz , Alinco DR-235T 220 Mhz and the Alinco DR-435T 440 Mhz radios to be interfaced with the IRLP Version 3.00 Board.


The male DB9 connector connects to the back of
the Alinco radio.The female DB9 connects to the
IRLP interface board. 

The two 1/8 inch stereo connectors are clearly
marked and plug into your IRLP node soundcard.



The Alinco DR-x35 series radios have a female DB9
connector on the back.  When you use a Plug n Play
cable, all the interface connections from the IRLP
board to the radio are made through this connector.
These radios work great for IRLP nodes.

NOTE: Please check the jumper settings on the
IRLP interface board to make sure that
COS DETECT is set to LOW.



 Cables for other radios and or kits are available on special request,
For Ordering information please contact Marshall, ke6pcv via email at:

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